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With a broad experience in the industry, “Cleaning Pro” is in the best position to provide you with products and services proven by time to be effective. These are constantly updated to reflect industry trends and to provide greater value-for-money. Our first-rate business portfolio is designed to match all your needs while being cost-effective and easy to use.
Cleaning Pro’s professional team ensures that your experience with us will be pleasurable every step of the way. Whether it’s 24/7 support, trainings, or installation, our Team will always be there to enable your product to work at its highest level.

Outstaffing is much less talked about, yet has occupied its place in the IT and other spheres. The general mechanism is as follows. Your business hires the Cleaning Pro’s employees, who continue working at their regular workplace, but basically ‘change’ their employer. These can are designers/developers/QA engineers who work on the tasks that you give directly. That’s the main difference from outsourcing.

Where outsourcing is the complex support of the whole project, outstaffing is all about hiring – the rest is a matter of contract and its details. Generally outstaffed employees work on a remote basis; sometimes people are invited to relocate and join the team permanently.