Who We Are

Group company Cleaning Pro was founded in Lviv in 2007 and has grown to become one of the Ukrainian leading facility services companies. The secret to our success lies in how we tailor our solutions to client needs, how we manage risk, and how our big engaged team add the power of the human touch in everything we do.

Quality of Life is central to the performance and growth of individuals and organizations. Working from this perspective, Cleaning Pro has redefined how to best serve our clients’ complex needs. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals and organizations wherever we work.

Our clients come from a wide spectrum, which include Malls, Factories, Government Offices, Ukrainian Railway, Telecomunication, Supermarkets, Networks of Stores, Banks, Cities etc.

Principles of Our Work

  • Loyalty

A foundation of loyalty, shared by Cliening Pro with its clients, employees and owners, based on honest, open relations. Loyalty is one of the cornerstones of operations in our organization.

  • Respect for people

Humanity is at the heart of our business. Cleaning Pro is committed to providing equal opportunities, regardless of race, origin, age, gender, beliefs, religion or lifestyle choices. Improving quality of life means according each person respect, dignity and consideration.

  • Transparency

This is one of Cleaning Pro major principles and a constant with all stakeholders: clients, consumers, employees, owners and the general public.

  • Business integrity

We do not tolerate any practice that is not born of honesty, integrity and fairness, anywhere in the country where we do business. We clearly communicate our position to our clients, suppliers and employees and expect them to share this rejection of corrupt and unfair practices.


Cleaning Service
Facility Management
Security Service
Landscaping and groundskeeping
Supply of Consumables for Office

Our Mission

In Cleaning Pro we care for our customers’ business as if it were our own. This is why we continuously aim for improved service performance that facilitates your purpose through greater people empowerment. This mentality is reflected in our mission statement.

Our mission
Make the world cleaner for life”

When we enter into a new relationship, we make a big effort to understand your business and align with it – and then train and support our employees to make a difference in your organisation, day in and day out. Because, in the end, we want our people to take care of your people, your customers, and your facilities – so you can focus on what you do best.

Our Partners

Київ Берлін Сервіс

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